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Dec 23, 2012 9:00pm CST
appear in court on monday. >> today more than 250 illinois clergy announced they were endorsing a gay marriage bill that could for a boat in springfield in the next couple of weeks >> the religious leaders mostly from chicago are coming out in support of gay marriage in illinois. in a letter they say there is no justification for the law treating people differently because of sexual orientation >> are you ready to make the shift? are you ready to be inclusive? yes. i used to say don't come out of the closet, clean those closets! i mean i thundered it from the pulpit. part of it was fear, alot of it was ignorance. bishop carlton pearson preaches a controversial gospel of inclusion to members of his church -- new dimensions chicago. he says his views on "homosexuality" started to shift... when a close friend came out. you gotta love everybody. pearson was one of more than 250 religious leaders...who signed on to this open letter. in support of house bill 51-70: the religious freedom and marriage fairness act. it's just right that everyone have the same tax right, same right to visit
Dec 30, 2012 9:00pm CST
next week. a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in illinois could come before state lawmakers in springfield as soon as this week >> the headline in sundays sun times said it all... president obama calling on illinois to legalize gay marriage... i think the president speaks for the majority of americans.. the timing... crucial for state represenative greg harris, who looks for a vote on marriage equlity in springfield in the next week... just two months after voters maine, maryland and washington state approved same sex marriage laws.. this is where the people of america are.. this is where the people of illinois are. citing the presidents stance, the white house said 'were the president still in the illinois state legislatuire, he would support this measure that would treat all illinois couples equally.' but conservative chicago democrat, represenative joe lyons, says the presidents view wont change his vote against the marriage bill... telling wgn by phone 'when he was in the state senate, president obama voted present on any controversial bill that came up.' that sentiment is
Dec 5, 2012 5:35am PST
tratamiento en mÉxico que en estados unidos. lo im pofr tanto es asegurarnos su bienestar. illinois estÁ a punto de convertirse en el tercer estado del paÍs en otorgar licencias de conducir se dio el paso mÁs importante cuando congresistas estatales de ambos partidos apoyaron la propuesta que ahora va a votaciÓn a la cÁmara baja. vivÍ viana avila tiene la informaciÓn desde chicago. la votaciÓn fue aplaudida por quienes por aÑo han conducido sin permiso. >>> llama la a oportunidad de conducir un carro beneficio a 2 mil inmigrantes in docs en ellos y nos seria importante impulso a la economÍa del estado. en nuestro rs nueves fondos para el estado la cÁmara baja le otorgarÍa a los indocumentados una licencia temporal de manejo. que ya expide la secretaria del estado illinois para otros casos. es una licencia termino principal para las personas que estÁn en este paÍs con una visa de trabajo o estudiantes o especÍficamente una visa. >>> es ral no tendrÍa valdez se puede obtener un seguro de auto. >>> y ahÍ estÁ toda la gente, con aseguranza y no hay mÁs problemas porque hay
Dec 22, 2012 6:00pm EST
would change as we get into january, you look at illinois, michigan, indiana, michigan state, iowa, a cruisible going through that frns can. >> tim: name a league that has three point guards playing better than burke, craft or paul of illinois. you can't go too deep into any conference to find better point guards. >> clark: you really can't. >> tim: scott almost stripped by releford. smith from downtown. craft from downtown. he rams it home. an eight-point game. 44 ticks left. sales are at an all-time low! but kissing is at an all-time high! i want answers! ♪ oh. right. kay. [ female announcer ] it's true, every kiss does begin with kay. where you can save up to 30% on these diamond fashions. at kay, the number-one jewelry store in america. ♪ ohhhh. right. ♪ every kiss begins with kay >> tim: tomorrow on "the cbs sports spectacular" it's a look toward the 2013 season plus highlights of 2012 including racing freestyle and a recap of monster jam world finals and monster jam path of destruction events. "date with destruction." as you look at our game reset. yes, kansas is in the
Dec 9, 2012 9:00pm CST
was treated and released. the 23 year-old was arrested >> former university of illinois football standout posted half a million dollars bond tonight and was released from an irving texas jail. the current dallas cowboys defensive lineman is charged with manslaughter in the death of his teammate and friend. police say he was driving drunk when he crashed his car early saturday morning. today he issued a statement from behind bars expressing grief and sorrow over the crash. if convicted he could face 20 years in prison >> chicago is poised to break an 18 year-old record tomorrow. a record for no snow. remember these scenes from winters past? we have not seen any of that in quite a while. a record tying the 280 days. if it does not snow tomorrow we will get a new record. the last time chicago went this long between snowfalls was in 1994. there have been traces of snowfall in suburban areas but not enough to be considered measurable snow >> any chance of snow to larger ramsey? >>tomorrow? >> the full forecast in just a few minutes >> also a special honor for illinoisa special honor f
Dec 22, 2012 6:00pm EST
that way. i don't see any reason why that would change as we get into january, you look at illinois, michigan indiana michigan state, iowa a cruisible going through that frns can. >> tim: name a league that has three point guards playing better than burke, craft or paul of illinois. you can't go too deep into any conference to find better point guards. >> clark: you really can't. >> tim: scott almost stripped by releford. smith from downtown. craft from downtown. he rams it home. an eight-point game. 44 ticks left. sales are at an all-time low! but kissing is at an all-time high! i want answers! ♪ ♪ oh. right. kay. [ female announcer ] it's true every kiss does begin with kay. where you can save up to 30% on these diamond fashions. at kay, the number-one jewelry store in america. ♪ ♪ ohhhh. right. ♪ every kiss begins with kay ♪ >> tim: tomorrow on "the cbs sports spectacular" it's a look toward the 2013 season plus highlights of 2012 including racing freestyle and a recap of monster jam world finals and monster jam path of destruction events. "date with destruction." as
Dec 11, 2012 9:00am EST
, secretary of transportation for the state of illinois. five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman, and members of the committee. i appreciate the opportunity today to submit testament to you on behalf of illinois governor pat quinn to give you an update on the high speed in intercity rail program in illinois. first i want to thank the members of this committee, the entire congress and the obama administration for supporting a healthy intercity passenger rail system. for your leadership on freight rail infrastructure needs and for supporting improved service with words and money. we're grateful for the investments from the american recovery and reinvestment act which has provided more than $1.4 billion for illinois high-speed rail. i can tell you these current investments in illinois high speed passenger rail system are already supporting thousands of jobs and providing economic benefits with much more on the way. and we could not do it without federal help. we need continued federal funding for high-speed rail so we can finish the job that we started and keep our promises to travelers
Dec 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
be building, the real cars in illinois. -- the rail cars in illinois. even if it is a somewhat unconstructive vision that we have of high-speed rail in california. i hope to be one of the champions here in congress to continue to urge us to build a high-speed rail and the california. it would be a proud moment for this generation. what are we going to build that is great and significant and has incredible impact for jobs, the economy, and the future of transportation for tourism? in los angeles, tourism [unintelligible] we want tourist dollars and a california. those of the dollars that matter to us. the only thing i will ask is, there is always a bureaucracy that has to implement the plans, the progress, the process. can you tell me, secretary lahood, how has the california high speed rail authority been in working with your department? had it been open, responsive? is this a good agency as we move forward to build this project? let stand richard is an extraordinarily gifted chairman -- >> dan richard is an extraordinarily gifted chairman. he's knowledgeable about how to get t
Dec 24, 2012 2:30am PST
2012 bond, for the north side between illinois and 23rd street we had one $.5 million proposed for that improvement. >> okay and so most of those project are in the design phase? >>> none the projects from the 2012 are in the design phase but we have done conceptual bureau of landscape architects hands and detail design phase and work and go out to bid in the spring, i believe. >> so when will we have a concept of what is going to be there? >>> we have it today. >> oh, do we >>> for the bay view gateway. >> or for the 2012? >>> whatever we are going to whatever. >> we have for bay view gateway and toll larry park and gateway we have the concept and i can show then to you here right now if you would like >>> okay. >> so this is the concept for the bay view gateway and again it's location is between third street and illinois street and car go way the concept includes removing a dilapidated whof along the shore line's edge and taking what is currently today just an entirely paved area and creating some landscape areas which are identified in green with the trees creating a pathway tha
Dec 28, 2012 9:00pm CST
extension of tax cuts below $250,000. illinois comptroller judy thinks that the impact on illinois could be as high as $1 billion if lawmakers don't strike a deal before the deadline. social security and income tax increases would lower the state's revenue by up to 5 billion. this is all coming down the pipe because we have yahoos in congress who can't sit down and to do the job. pessimism helped push stocks down friday for a fifth straight day the industrial average dropped 158 points. paul lisnek says lawmakers know what's at stake if we passed the deadline with no deal. >>, chris can peddle their way back the economy may not be able to withstand the pressure, it's too fragile so i really believe that members of congress will actually put the needs and the welfare of the country ahead of their own political future. >> we had a significant murder rate here in chicago the 500th person was killed last night mayor emanuel calls it an unfortunate and tragic milestone. terry mccarthy calling the numbers tragic the spokesperson saying 80 percent of these homicides are gang- related peop
Dec 22, 2012 9:30pm CST
marqui today in college hoops...beginning with the annual border war battle between 10th ranked illinois and 12th ranked missouri.... the illini trying to avoid their 4th straight loss in the series. john groce getting his first taste of the rivalry...he got a good game from brandon paul....he nails a long three pointer.....paul had 23...illini up 17-14... and they still held a slight lead in the 2nd half...tyler griffey also goes deep....illinois led by one...54-53.. but they lost the battle of the boards...58-35 and lost the game... paul pressey to laurence bowens for the stuff...he led the tigers with 23....the illinois loses for the first time this season...82-73....they are 12 and 1. depaul going for its seventh in a row...facing maryland baltimore....the demons off an early lead...brandon young goes to jamie crockett for the alley opp....depaul up by 5... they played some good defense in this one...worell clahar the steal...and the ball goes to cleveland melvin for the jam...he had 24....depaul wins it...69-61...they are now 9 and 3. horizon league action... uic loses 82-70 to miam
Dec 8, 2012 9:30pm CST
. both men at one time played at the university of illinois. >> it was traveling at a high rate of speed at the time which his vehicle touched and it caused his vehicle to flip one time. it ultimately came to rest on its top once its lead back into the roadway and came to rest in the center of the roadway. >> they were teammates at illinois between 2007 and 2009. >> a group of the and people are calling for an end to gun violence holding and untie violence rally this afternoon. it did it in honor of a teenager shot and killed outside of his grandmother pose a home. but just then that murray was killed in brown ave. a 25 year-old man was shot early this morning and is in critical condition. that shooting was in retaliation for marie's death. >> a 21-month-old boy is back in custody after being abducted by his mother for the second time. he has been at -- she is accused of slapping away with her son after a visit at a mcdonald's restaurant. there were being supervised by a worker. they took off again to show a waiting vehicle and were later located in tennessee. she had lost custody of thr
Dec 4, 2012 6:30pm PST
de conducir a indocumentados en illinois decisiÓn que alegro a la persona que llegaron a escuchar. >>> con mucho gusto porque dios escucha a los latinos para ya va a poder uno manejar tranquilo principalmente no estÁn escondidos de la policÍa. >>> con esto illinois estarÍa a un paso mÁs cerca en ser el su tercer estado para aprobar licencias de indocumentados en el paÍs. >>> solo washington y nuevo mÉxico lo permiten. >>> significa algo grande para nosotros porque realmente ahora si podemos saber quiÉn estÁ manejando en las calles estas personas van a tener que acoger el examen, van a tener que pasar todos los reglamentos y tambiÉn van a poder comprar seguros para sus autos. >>> pero no todos los senadores estuvieron de acuerdo con la medida. >>> tristemente estos son polÍticos que Únicamente estÁn tratando de conseguir el voto latino pero estÁn tratando de hacer las cosas a la carrera. >>> aÚn falta aprobarla en la cÁmara baja por eso llegaron apoyar la legislaciÓn. >>> venimos pendientes de ahora si lograr las licenciass creo el esfuerzo necesitamos hacerlo todos
Dec 24, 2012 11:15am EST
lot of dissension. similar things happen there. they moved to illinois when they had 15,000 or so mormons gather in this one town in western illinois everybody else was terrified southern is a lot of political pressure in the practices and a doctor in some -- doctrines. he's murdered. >> why? >> by an antimormon mob. he's arrested and he is in jail. the mob stories into the jail and shoots and kills joseph smith and his brother and joseph smith falls out of the window and he's had. and then brigham young isxÑ essentially there to pick up the pieces. >> where is joseph smith buried? >> he is buried in illinois. >> so brigham young takes over essentially in illinois? >> he takes over. >> and how does he get to you talk? >> once again the mormons are forced out. the death of joseph smith doesn't satisfy the political opponents of the church in illinois. but then about another year there are moms that are burning mormon homes, and under address brigham young agrees to leave and contemplates do we fight back, it do we try to fight these mobs, but ultimately they've got to go. >> at th
Dec 16, 2012 11:00pm EST
illinois. not abraham lincoln. he was really under the shadow of john hardin before that happened. they are deeply affected by the u.s. and mexico war. now, let me tell you about the war. like most people come you probably don't know a lot about it. the north american invasion again with president james fulk. he sent troops into this area with the intention of starting a war. polk wanted more. polk actually went to his cabinet and said, i think we should declare war against mexico. and they said we really can't do that because the mexicans haven't done anything. we have sent 4000 american troops down so we can't declare war on mexico yet. when polk got defensive and that he needed, he went to congress on may 11, 1846. and he said that mexico attacked the boundaries of the united states and had shed american blood on american soil. this was a lie. everybody knew that it was a lie. the whig party, which was the opposition party, everybody in the party in congress knew that land where the soldiers had been sent, they had always been considered mexican rather than texan land. and a lo
Dec 9, 2012 7:45am EST
there. they moved to illinois. when you have 15,000 or so mormons gathered in this one county of western illinois, everybody else is terrified. and so there are a lot of political pressures but there's also a lot of dissension within the church from practices and doctrines that joseph smith is introducing. he is murdered in 1844 by an anti-mormon mob. >> in illinois? >> in illinois. he's arrested, in jail. a mob stormed into the jail, shoots and kills joseph smith and his brother. joseph smith falls out of the jail window and he is dead. brigham young is essentially their to pick up the pieces. spent where it is joseph smith buried? >> he is buried in illinois. >> so brigham young takes over essentially in illinois? >> he takes over in illinois. >> and how does he get to utah's? >> once again, the mormons are forced out. the death of joseph smith doesn't satisfy the political opponent of the church in illinois. then about another year there are mobs that are burning them out. under duress, brigham young contemplates the we fight back, do we try to fight these mobs, but insultingl
Dec 30, 2012 6:00am PST
concept for the bay view gateway and again it's location is between third street and illinois street and car go way the concept includes removing a dilapidated whof along the shore line's edge and taking what is currently today just an entirely paved area and creating some landscape areas which are identified in green with the trees creating a pathway that takes takes pedestrians andbicycle chlics in 34 story and context he he them with car go way which, is a natural direction that people would want to go and create a plaza along the water front, with interpretation throughout the site regarding the site's history and cargo and integrate through the plaza along the water front and along that railings and along creating a plaza calls the green way transition plaza because it's a place people will be traveling down the illinois street and heading towards car go lines and also enjoy the public art on the pier 92 grain silo and is there is a rail track that goes through the middle of the site that runs east and west and so we are consolid dating or down where people can work with the arts en
Dec 10, 2012 12:00pm CST
"illinois high school association" that disqualified the athletes. the association found mooseheart unfairly recruited the students, based on their athletic ability. "mooseheart" takes children from dangerous environments and gives them housing and education. the school says its scholarships had nothing to do with athletics. charges have been filed against the former mayor's nephew. >> he pleaded not guilty and is able to leave the building. he was here for about one hour. he will be back here at the same time next monday after it attorneys decide whether they will be seeking a new judge. the nephew deprived at 26 and california just after 9:00. accompanied by three attorneys and no family members. he did not answer any questions from reporters. he waited in the security line. he was randomly assigned to judge arthur hill. across as done in open court. he pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter. he said he would not voluntarily recuse himself from the case. the judge was also appointed to the board when daly was mayor. he came back to serve as chief deputy state a
Dec 17, 2012 9:00pm CST
present. >> the gun control debate is heating up closer to home, and illinois senator and the governor are all calling for stricter gun control laws. >> it did not take long for gun control advocates to speak up in the state of illinois is an issue for the gun advocates behind me something that strikes at the heart of a constitutional right. the issue of today is we need to ban assault weapons in illinois. >> state democrats were reading off the same script monday reacting to the connecticut school shooting. assault weapons have been used over and over again to kill innocent human beings in our state and elsewhere and we have to do something about it. at rainbow push headquarters denied a vigil, rev. jesse jackson paying tribute to the lives lost in connecticut. chicagos police superintendent voiced his concerns. >> there is no other economy on earth where supply so always legitimate demand. it's legitimate demand is 10 x then why do we produce 100 axed and 90 x goes into the illegal market? that is game set and match for me. >> but at this shooting range it's not more gun laws needed
Dec 6, 2012 9:00pm CST
figure out what caused the crash items that once belonged to illinois embezzled $53 million from that community with that money she bought high and furniture, a ranch, hundreds of courses in the luxury motor home. she could get 20 years in prison. mayor emanuel office announced in the plan today to reorganize by the end of 2013 its now in another building for several agencies. to save more than $4.4 million each year is designed to make a certified under the u.s. green building council. coming up taking his message to middle america president barack obama talks about the dangers of going over the fiscal cliff with a family in virginia finger-pointing and washington continues and we now know when u.s. senator mark kirk will return to the senate and kate middleton out of the hospital ottawa8k÷ç<Ñlnh@Ñçú;ho>?úuú?úttz@z.ç@o@,npón=kí8+ñ<úpkxmz7p/pípçsúoÑ÷çpefo?÷hoo[.÷úvpop?mvñ-w?[ñ;÷oóñ8é>é?@vzç÷@m p]y>w4?8úú(.ú?lpñrtyd@z@3póé÷úyú,áy0=ipw@ñ@?/;<ó@óp,wúÑ>vi÷ñúkpñpñp?é÷v@%pu@zÑxuk ♪ ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ ♪ it goes some
Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm CST
legalize same sex marriage in illinois could come before state lawmakers in springfield as soon as this week. a white house spokesman tells the chicago sun-times, president obama is urging lawmakers to approve the "religious freedom and marriage fairness act". the spokesman says if the president were still in the legislature, he would support a measure to treat all couples equally. illinois passed a law approving civil unions for same sex couples in june of last year. if you're going out to celebrate tonight. the c-t-a is offering you a safe ride home for a penny. this year, the c-t-a is partnering with "miller lite" to provide rides on buses and trains for just one cent. penny fares begin at 10 p-m tonight. continuing through four a-m on new year's day. >> they are erupting with tons of exploding fireworks as they welcomed in the new year. it was the world's first major celebration for 2013. 7 t of fireworks were set off from rooftops and barges. many of them cascading from the bridge. the pyrotechnic extravaganza was built by organize tiesorganizers. coming up next a one-hundred
Dec 19, 2012 4:00pm EST
on that, and then the democratic governor of illinois has a stark warning about what going over the cliff could do to local economies. can't avoid to miss that one. that and a lot more coming up right here on the "closing bell." >>> welcome back. the dow jones industrial average closed down nearly 100 points. renewed fiscal cliff deals working its way through the market and our own pisani is here with the winners an losers. >> take a look at the dow jones industrial average, folks, and the markets finally winced over the duelling press conferences we had over the fiscal cliff. president obama came out and said the republicans have a hard time saying yes to me. that was one of the stranger things today but john boehner came out and walked off without answering any questions and said he was introducing his plan "b" and offered no counterproposals and in fact largely ignored what the president had to say and that's when we moved to the downside. take a look at vix, volatility index actually showed some life. up about 11%. that's about a one-minute high. sectors not having a very good d
FOX Business
Dec 7, 2012 4:00pm EST
right to work states. david: so, neighboring illinois, illinois is just across the lake from you. illinois is going pretty much in the opposite direction in terms of raising taxes and giving unions more power. do you think and are you actively trying to pursue businesses that are in illinois to draw them to michigan once this bill, once these bills are passed? >> part of the reason i'm on shows like this make sure we let everybody know that michigan is open for business. so if it is coming from illinois that would be great. frankly wherever we find businesses willing to invest in a state that's really making sure that we've got a provide jobs for our them to citizens, i don't care if they're coming from illinois, from california or from timbuktu. we like to get the jobs in the state of michigan. david: now recently the unions have been on a lot of losing tickets, not necessarily the presidential ticket because they want to reelect the president but these local bills about union issues. they have been losing. they certainly lost in the attempt to prevent governor walker in wiscons
Dec 15, 2012 10:00am EST
to missouri. a similar thing happens there. and moved to illinois. when you have 15,000 or so mormons gather in this one county of western illinois, everyone else is terrified. there are mobs, the political pressure. also a lot of dissension within the church from practices and doctrines that joseph smith is introducing. he is murdered in 1844 by an anti mormon mob. >> in illinois. >> and illinois. arrested, in jail. ahmad storms into the jail, shoots and kills joseph smith and his brother. he falls out of the jail window and is dead. and then he is essentially there to pick up the pieces. >> where is he buried? >> he is buried in illinois. >> he takes over essentially in illinois. >> it takes over. >> had this to get to utah? >> once again they are forced out. does not satisfy the church. within about another year there are mobs that are burning homes. underdress he agrees to leave, contemplates, do we fight back, try to fight these mobs. ultimately they have to go. >> at that point they have the mormon population become integrated into the illinois life. >> not really. the c
Dec 23, 2012 12:00pm PST
be talking to the governor of illinois about this, pat quinn because they're doing a lot of building of roads. let's bring krista in here. i think underestimate the effect of fracking and natural gas in the united states and the lowering of the price of energy and what that does for heavy manufacturing. companies that use a lot of electricity. steven just talked about the keystone pipeline from alberta to take the oil from the oil sands, where you're from. i think that's probably going to happen. what's your sense of the role of energy in helping my runner run faster? >> to use your wonderful metaphor, i do run a bit and when i run road races, there's this wonderful power gel you can take when you start flagging after the first hour or so. energy is going to be like that power gel for the u.s. economy. i agree with you people are underestimating it and it's going to have a fantastic impact. you know think about all of the time we are spending arguing in the united states about taxes. energy is a tax on energy prices are a tax on everyone. they're a tax on households and busi
Dec 19, 2012 5:30pm PST
shootings with illinois governor pat quinn among others. >> ifill: then, jeffrey brown examines a new report blaming the state department for systemic failures in security at the diplomatic mission in benghazi, libya, where four americans died. >> woruff: from damascus, i.t.n.'s alex thomson reports on the impact the rebel siege of the syrian capital is having on supporters of the assad regime. >> in this educational district and the one next door alone, in the past two weeks 35 small children and two teachers have been killed. >> ifill: we sit down with retiring connecticut senator joe lieberman, the democrat turned independent reflects on the tragedy in his home state and his 24 years in u.s. senate. >> there is reason for people to be angry skeptical and cynical about t willingss or capacity of congress to act or stop mass violence in our country. >> woodruff: and kwame holman remembers conservative jurist former solicitor general and failed supreme court nominee robert h. bork. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provi
Dec 26, 2012 2:30am PST
significant snowfall to southern illinois and southern indiana right now. here's your chance of severe weather moving through southeastern georgia and the carolinas, especially the coast, where we could see more tornadoes develop today. we have haeavy rain from wester south carolina and georgia area and albany area and will continue to spread and we have heavy rain through illinois and indiana and will bring blizzard conditions to ohio and lake ontario as well. here's a chance of seeing them develop today. eastern north carolina, eastern south carolina and even just severe thunderstorms where we could get wind gusts 50 to 70 miles an hour. here's where our snow is going to be. we are looking for perhaps a foot of snow through ohio and northwestern pennsylvania and northwestern new york state. on top of that, we could see wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour. blizzard conditions will be felt through the great lakes region. >> good thing in terms of what we're feeling so far, we don't have snow on those trees in many spots. >> that's a good point, snow on trees and wind, we could be talking
Dec 31, 2012 2:30am PST
advisories. texas, panhandle of oklahoma, southern indiana and illinois this is where light snow is heading your way. winter weather advisory usually means you'll have slippery travel but not like a blockbuster event. so just travel with care especially northern texas, panhandle of oklahoma up through kansas this morning the snow is breaking out shown here in white. we'll be watching missouri traveling interstate 70 during the morning hours. that's where you deal with snowy weather and this will continue through much of the day. we just changed over to snow in joplin. interstate 44 right now mostly rain but we'll watch interstate 70 later today. that could be a troublesome drive and a major thoroughfare through the middle of the heartland. this is not a big huge event. one to three inches from indianapolis to st. louis to kansas city to wichita including areas around topeka kansas. other areas of the country won't see much snow today. very cold, though. northern new england very cold. boston is at 22. maine in the single digits with negative numbers in the northern plains. so it's g
Dec 10, 2012 5:00am EST
is also a very diffiiult time for bbent as well. josh they were close in college in illinois and there was no one more excited in ourr organization when we signed jerry brown, joss was jumping guilty tooa d-u-i charge back in 2009, accooding to court recorrs in champpign, illinois. he was ggvvn a 0- day entence, fine and 200 hours of community service. i'm andrew spencer reporring. the cowboys raaliee sunday from nine points down to eat game's ffnal minntes. he - crews are still removing the wreckagg from crash that killed popular mexiian- american singer jenni rivera. &pphe was killed when her lear jet crashed shorrly afterr aboarddthh small aircraft in - survived. rivera had just perforree a sold-out concert the day before. rivera sold fifteen--illion ecords and the singer had five chillren. people living in the midwest are waking up under a bllnket of snow this morning. mmrning.a severe winter storm &phit parts of minnesota and of snow has already fallen on - the ground in and aound minneapoois.... with up to 14 iiches more expected to hii the area before thee ystem moves out.
Dec 5, 2012 9:00pm CST
,voters here have a hard time believing it but here is the mug shot to prove it donne trotter, an illinois lawmaker since 1998 charged with a class for4 felony. ironically he has also been a vocal advocate of gun control laws. does it concern you? >> yes. >> it will make a lot of people think twice about him. >> today at 7:00 a.m. he tried to board a d.c. bound flights from o'hare with a handgun in his back, the bullets were in a separate pocket, or is it may be linked to work that he does at his south side security company he said he was working late the night before into simply forgot that the gun into six bullets were there. he does have a valid owner id on his card and a permit to work as a security guard. a man just announced his bid to replace jesse jackson jr. in the second congressional district. some voters say it's the kind of situation that no matter what would make the questions to politicians judgment others say, stuff happens especially in the always interesting realm of illinois politics. >> he moves in the morning from the police lock up on milwaukee avenue to 26th and cali
Dec 30, 2012 6:00pm EST
understanding that this measure, and the gentleman from illinois, there is no question he's put a great deal of work into this. all of his motives are absolutely commendable and legitimate motives. the measure itself, i believe, has not been through a markup in the banking committee. and there are many members who have serious concerns about this particular bill for which the unanimous consent request is being made. but more broadly about the ex-im bank. in fact, i would argue this bill and this unanimous consent request puts a light on one of the concerns that many of us have with the ex-im bank in the first place. so let's remember what the ex-im bank s. this is a taxpayer subsidy for large corporations. i'm a big fan of trade. i'm a big fan of exports. i am not a fan of taxpayers having to subsidize the activity. and some of us, myself very much included, believe it ought to be a very high priority of this and any other administration to work for the mutual end of these taxpayer-subsidized export vehicles around the world. they exist in other places as well and that's the excus
Dec 14, 2012 6:00am EST
recognize the gentlelady from illinois. five minutes for your questions. >> thank you, mr. chairman. first, i want to thank the director for working with cook county on a waiver that will allow for the county to early enroll more than 150,000 individuals who will be eligible for medicaid in 2014. you have given us the opportunity to get a headstart. thank you very much. i want to set the record straight on a couple of things. there was some talk about the costs for illinois. the federal government is going to provide almost $157 million to illinois to support insurance coverage for 898,000 illinoisans. that would reduce our uninsured population by 50%. illinois will save $953 million in uncompensated expenditures, and there'll be some increase in the cost for illinois, about 1%. look what we are getting. it is a miracle to me. i also wanted to point out that in terms of the overall increase in insurance costs, yes, costs have increased, but less than they have since the affordable care act was passed. the aca saved an estimated $2.1 billion in health insurance premiums through the medical
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Dec 27, 2012 1:00pm PST
taxes, senate, no more new spending cuts. >> employers in illinois can't ask workers for passwords for facebook and twitter. the law is supposed to protect privacy. should it be the law in every state? stacy snyder and rebecca rosewood lander here. a handful of states. california, delaware, illinois, maryland and new jersey did not allow employers to ask for facebook or twitter passwords. good idea or bad? >> absolutely good. it's ridiculous. we have another 14 states looking to impose the same. illinois just passed, that's coming to play january 1st. why should they get on anyone's social media site in a personal site, that has personal photos and memorabilia, no need. invasion of privacy. >> eric: she's got a point. >> it's not personal anymore. once you post information in a public domain, you put it on line, it's now out in the public. employers have a legal right to judge employees based on conduct inside and outside the workplace. why should the technology of having a password to gain access to this information prevent employers from learning information that they're entitled to
FOX News
Dec 18, 2012 3:00pm EST
illinois issuing warrants for 20 frat brothers after they say a pledge turned up dead after a booze-fueled hazing ritual. and a new warning on grapefruit with a growing list of medications that will screw everything up. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. on "studio b." but, first, from fox at 3:00 in new york city the kids run to class at most schools across newtown, cut, but sandy hook elementary school is an active crime scene and could stay closed for months. the town is coming to grips with the shooting massacre. school buss are back in the streets decorated with green and white ribbons, the sandy hook elementary school colors. today, family and friends attended funerals for two more 60 year olds. many more services are planned for the days ahead as families grieve the losses of 20 kids and six adults who died before the gunman killed himself. it could take longer for the town to return to a normal way of life. folks are doing what they can to help. this 9-1-1 operator in california arranged to buy the morning coffee for folks around newtown. >> i wanted
Dec 25, 2012 5:00pm EST
jill. illinois he lost. think about president obama run for the presidency in 2008 if he had lost the illinois senate election. in illinois lincoln is from illinois. the land of lincoln. huge hometown advantage for him. the reason they put it in chicago by one vote, by the way, think voted to put in chicago by one vote. could have been one vote hasn't concerned it. once it's -- in they weren't worried about the home court advantage. it wasn't a player. right. >> they were lists published by major newspaper and ten major candidates. tell us about the two republican frontrunners. he is a duo-term senator from new york. and new york is the biggest. >> most power of state like california today. it's the founding father of the republican party. it's only the second presidential election. sue ward is the dominant figure in the republican party. it sort of his he is more significant than any two other figures in the party combined. chase, another alternative is perhaps the man chiefly responsible for the republican party in ohio and much of the midwest and also a big state. and still perhaps
Dec 19, 2012 3:00pm PST
considering whether to pass new laws on their own. pat quinn is the governor of illinois and a democrat. he's pushing for a statewide ban on assault weapons and high- capacity magazines. the state senate recently rejected his bill. we invited several republican governors as well, but they declined our offer for tonight. governor quinn, two days before the connecticut shootings, the court of appeals in chicago knocked down your effort to make illinois the one state which doesn't allow concealed carry, people with friechtly concealed guns and firearms they carry. that was a setback for you. does this change anything? >> number one, what the federal government said, is illinois' law, which today does not allow for concealed carry-- that means a loaded weapon concealed on a person and allowed to be taken to a public place-- we have a law against that now, and the federal appellate court said we have to change our law. the court did say we could have reasonable limitations on what are called conceal carry, and we'll be debating that over the next six months. that's time limit we have. it's i
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